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Avenue- React native E-commerce & Grocery Premium Template

Avenue -Introduction

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This document details the contents of this project and installation steps for you to easily install & get the system running.
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Product name : Avenue e-commerce Template
Technology : React Native
Supported Environment : IOS/Android

Avenue is an e-commerce mobile app template built on top of React Native and Redux. It supports both Android & IOS platforms and uses the latest React Native version.Navigation and State management are already implemented coupled with an amazing user interface to bootstrap your project within minutes. Includes bonus components like gradient buttons and gradient progress bar. With 35+ screens and 40+ re-usable components this app has almost all features required to build a successful e-commerce product.


React Native Getting Started
React Native version (0.62.2)
Node version (10.16.3) : Node version on top of which the template is developed
React Native UI Kitten Components (5.0.0) : React native UI library used in project
React Navigation : Library for navigating
Redux : State management library
React Native Toast
React Native Linear Gradient

Steps :

Step 1:

If you are new to React Native, we recommend going through below steps to setup React Native on your system, Once completed please proceed with the next steps:
To run IOS, you will require the project to run on Mac only as IOS apps can only be developed on a Mac machine.
Note : Avenue, is built using react native CLI and does not use expo.

Step 2:

Once you have a working dev environment and you have downloaded the zip file from Evanto,
Open your command prompt or terminal and Navigate to downloaded Avenue folder and
run the below command : “yarn install”
This will install all the required node dependencies in your project..

Step 3 :

After installing all dependencies you are ready to run application in your simulator or on your device. To run execute this command in your terminal : “react-native run-android”
For IOS, execute this command in your terminal : “react-native run-ios”
To run on device :

App Flow

The package also includes bonus components apart from template.These are gradient buttons, gradient fab buttons and progress bars.
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