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Avenue – Quick Startup Guide

Welcome to Avenue,
A quick help guide to get you started on project immediately

Pre-requisites :
1. Please ensure you have React native environment setup completed before running the app on local. Refer :
2. Please ensure Android SDK and Node is properly setup, use the above link to setup dev environment.

Note :
1. The template is built on React Native CLI, you will not be able to run this template on expo.
2. The app uses Redux for state management – Learn more about redux here :
3. React Navigation for routing inside app i.e to go from one page to another :
Note : App uses Drawer Navigator & Stack Navigator.
Drawer Navigator :
Stack Navigator :

Step 1:
Download your purchased template and unzip the folder.
Step 2 :
Open a terminal and add enter path of folder in terminal
Step 3:
Run yarn install, it will create node_modules folder in your project.
Step 4 :
After installation is successful,
Open your terminal and run “react-native run-android” to run on android simulator
Open your terminal and run “react-native run-ios” to run on apple simulator

Pages / Screens:
1. Authentication x3 –
Login/ Register / Forgot Password
2. Home – Landing Page
3. Checkout x5 –
Checkout / Cart / Shipping / Payment / Order Placed
4. Profile x 9 –
Account / Update Password / Update Account / Update Address /
FAQ / Contact Us / Notifications / Wishlist / Change Language
5. Product View x 4 –
Product View / Product Review / Comment Section / Search Specific Products
6. Orders x 2 –
Order Details / Order History
7. Offers Page
8. Search Products Page
9. Bonus Page x4 –
Showcase A / B / C / D

Specifications :
1. To update theme specific changes, please update theme.json file in project.
For details please refer this link :
2. In “assets” folder outside src has fonts for the application and the path can be updated in “react-native.config.js” file
3. In assets folder inside src has custom images used in project.
4. Navigation Configuration for the app is in : AppNavigator.js file
5. Common folder has generic components like Accordion/ Avatar/Button etc.
6. Components folder has app specific components
7. Bonus folder has all the free amazing bonus components like Buttons, Progress bars etc.
8. Documentation folder contains pdf to get you started with the project

Libraries used in Project :
1. Timer :
2. Linear Gradient :
3. Bottom Sheet :
4. Simple Toast :
5. UI Kitten :
6. Redux :
7. Redux Thunk :
8. React Navigation :

For any queries or support, please reach out to us at
We also provide complete end to end solutions for web and mobile.

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