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Aahar – React Native Template

Aahar Introduction

Thanks for purchasing this product.
This document details the contents of this project and installation steps for you to easily install & get the system running.
For any issues, feel free to write us at :

Product name : Aahar
Technology : React Native
Supported Environment : IOS/Android

Contents :

With this purchase you get the source code of Aaahar App – Food delivery app template & life time of free updates

Setup Details :

Note :
This project is a template and not a full fledge solution for a delivery app.
We also provide solutions for web, if you want a website to be designed you can reach out to us at:


React Native Getting Started (10.16.3):
Node version :

React Native version(0.61.5) :

React Native Paper :

React Navigation :

Steps :

Step 1:

If you are new to React Native, we recommend going through below steps to setup React Native on your system, Once completed please proceed with the next steps:
To run IOS, you will require the project to run on Mac only as IOS apps can only be developed on a Mac machine.
Note : Aahar, is built using react native CLI and does not use expo.

Step 2:

Once you have a working dev environment and you have downloaded the zip file from Evanto,
Open your command prompt or terminal and Navigate to downloaded Aahar folder and
run the below command : “yarn install”
This will install all the required node dependencies in your project..

Step 3:

Once you have installed all dependencies run below command to link icons :
“react-native link react-native-vector-icons”
This command with link icons to your app and makes available icons for different react native paper components.

Step 4 :

After installing all dependencies you are ready to run application in your simulator or on your device. To run execute this command in your terminal : “react-native run-android”
To run the application on IOS run command : “react-native run-ios”
To run on device :

Pages provided with Aahar

  • Home – Landing Page
  • Restaurant – Menu Selection page
  • Cart Page
  • Check Out Page
  • Order Successful Page
  • Order History Page
  • Profile Page
  • Manage Address Page
  • Edit Profile Page
  • Settings Page

Aahar App flow

Login Flow
Landing Page
Restaurant Page
Cart Flow
Profile Flow
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